If outlets or lights in an area of the apartment don’t have power while other areas in the apartment still have power, please first check the GFI(Ground Fault Interrupter) outlets in the kitchen and bathroom. This is a special electrical outlet that prevents electrocution in situations where water may come into contact with an electrical appliance. If you lose electrical power in the kitchen or bathroom, try pressing the “reset” button. Pressing the “test” button will intentionally trip the GFI. Press the “reset” button to reset the GFI. If resetting the GFI does not restore power please reset the circuit breaker.

Every apartment has its own circuit breaker box. If you can’t find yours, try checking in the closets or in the mechanical room next to the water heater.

Once you locate the circuit breaker box, open the cover and you’ll see what looks like several light switches. Feel each switch to make sure that it’s firmly in the ON position. Don’t worry touching these switches won’t shock you. Once a breaker is tripped it will feel loose. Flip the switch to the OFF and then ON. This will reset the breaker and power should be restored. If the breaker won’t reset, there may be  too many things plugged into an outlet. If this occurs try unplugging the items and plugging only one or two items back in to the outlet. If that does not work please contact the Maintenance Deparmtent.