Current residents may sublease their apartment to another person by signing a sublease agreement through The University Group. The sublease contract is an agreement between the original resident, referred to as the sublessor, and the new resident, referred to as the sublessee. The original resident is ultimately responsible to The University Group for the lease obligations in the event that the sublessee(s) does not fulfill their sublease obligations. Fees for subleasing are $35 for each sublease agreement. You may not start showing the apartment for subleasing until your lease begins.


Current residents are responsible for finding their own sublessee(s). All sublessees must fill out an application online or at our office. You may submit the application here. All sublessees must pass the credit check. Potential sublessees not passing the credit check will not be allowed to sign the sublease agreement. All current residents will need to sign the sublease agreement before the sublessee(s) may sign the sublease agreement. Any outstanding balance must be paid in full before the sublease agreement may be signed. Please call our office at (217)352-3182 to schedule a sublease appointment or email to sign an electronic sublease agreement.


The sublessor(s) and the potential sublessee(s) will be responsible for agreeing on the sublease start date, end date (cannot exceed the lease end date), sublessee(s) rent payment amount, and security deposit. If the agreed upon sublease rent payment amount is short of the lease rent amount, the sublessor(s) will be responsible for paying the difference to The University Group. The University Group strongly recommends the sublessor(s) to require the sublessee(s) to pay a security deposit. The security deposit amount should be agreed upon by the sublessor(s) and the sublessee(s). The sublessee(s) will pay the security deposit directly to the sublessor(s). The sublessor(s) and sublessee(s) will exchange the apartment keys directly. The University Group will not hold or take possession of the keys for the sublessor(s) or sublessee(s).


The University Group strongly recommends that on or near the start date of the sublease, one of the sublessors and one of the sublessees inspect the apartment together for the condition of all items on the move-in checklist. The sublessor and sublessee should sign it, date it, and keep copies for their own records. If the sublease end date is the same as the end date of the original lease, the sublessee(s) will wait thirty days to receive the closing statement and invoices regarding deductions from the original security deposit paid to The University Group. If the sublease end date is prior to the end of the original lease, the sublessor(s) should inspect the apartment for damages. The sublessor(s) are required to return the sublessee(s) security deposit within thirty days of the end of the sublease agreement.